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Kemp Kenaf Kevlar


A coarse fiber, usually of wool or hair, that is usually short, wavy, and white. It has little affinity for dye or spinning. Used mainly for carpets and decorative uses.


Kenaf PlantsA bast fiber. The kenaf stalk, offers the opportunity to extract fibers that my be used in various textile end products. The fiber extraction process can be achieved by either bacterial or chemical processes and affects the final fiber properties, which are important for the making of the final textiles and paper products.


Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that is five times stronger than steel, weight for weight. Kevlar is very heat resistant and decomposes above 400°C without melting. It is usually used in bulletproof vests, in extreme sports equipment, and for composite aircraft construction. It is also used as a replacement for steel cords in car tires, in fire suits and as an asbestos replacement. Kevlar was invented by the DuPont Corporation in the early 1960s. Kevlar’s main weaknesses are that it decomposes under alkaline conditions or when exposed to chlorine (I guess that means don’t wear your bulletproof vest in a swimming pool). In structural applications, Kevlar fibers can be bonded to one another or to other materials to form a composite.


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