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PBI Fiber PEN Fiber Pineapple PLA Fiber
Polyester Polypropylene Polystyrene Polyurethane

PBI Fiber (Polybenzimidazole)

A manufactured fiber that has no melting point, will not ignite, retains its fiber integrity and suppleness even upon flame exposure, dyable, and resistant to mildew, age and abrasion. Primary uses are in high-performance protective apparel such as firemen’s jackets and astronaut’s space suits.

PEN Fiber (Polyethylene Naphthalate)

A new generation high performance member of the polyester family. Its resistance to deforming is 5 times better than nylon, 2.5 times better than polyester, and twice that of rayon. Used as reinforcement in tires, cordage, racing-quality sailcloth, packaging and film.


A natural fiber, similar in appearance to linen. It’s lightweight, elegant in appearance, washable and easy to care for, usually blended with other fibers like silk or polyester.

PLA Fiber (Polylactic Acid)

A manufactured fiber made using lactic acid from the fermentation of various sources of natural sugars, such as corn and sugar beets. PLA is completely biodegradable. The fiber is suitable for a wide variety of technical textile fiber applications, especially performance apparel that requires low moisture absorption, low flammability, and a high resistance to UV. It is light weight and will dye to produce brilliant colors.


A synthetic, man-made fiber produced from synthetic polymers. Some characteristics of polyester include: crease, mildew, and abrasion resistance, ability to dry quickly, shape retention in garments, high strength, and easily washed with minimum care. Polyester is a very important fiber in upholstery fabrics and is widely used in every type of apparel. It’s also used in hoses, ropes, nets, thread, tire cord, and fiberfill. Often found blended with other yarns, particularly cotton, to add texture and mixed color effects.

Polypropylene Fiber

A manufactured fiber characterized by its light weight, high strength, and abrasion resistance. Polypropylene is also good at transporting moisture, creating a wicking action. The fiber may be used for satiny silk-like fabrics or for heavy wool-like yarns with strengths comparable with nylon. End uses include active wear apparel, rope, indoor-outdoor carpets, lawn furniture, and upholstery. It melts at a low 348° and cloth containing polypropylene cannot be ironed.

Polystyrene Fiber

An extremely fine fiber made with minute air spaces between the fibers. It is used for low temperature insulation, soundproofing, and for buoyancy in floats and life vests.

Polyurethane Fiber

A man-made fiber, with a low melting point, high elongation and strength. It was first made in Germany during World War II. When it was discovered that polyurethanes could be made into fine thread, they combined them with nylon to create more lightweight and stretchable fabrics, such as spandex. Polyurethane coated fabrics meet the need of today’s fashion trends. It is durable, abrasion-resistant, and yet soft, light and breathable. Used frequently in weatherproof clothing, imitation suede, and man-made leather garments.



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